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Sushi Masterclass Social Evening @zuora, London

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Tomono Sushi Party partnered with Ginger Jar to provide a fun evening of sushi making for the fabulous team at zurora in Soho, London.

zuora wanted a fun evening of sushi making and cocktails so Tomono Sushi Party provided a bespoke experience for over 40 members of staff and their family members.

“Tomono helped my catering company deliver a sushi masterclass for a client. They loved her teaching style, the skills they learnt and her whole persona. They are hunting for the next occasion to have her back!"
Jenny, Ginger Jar

The sushi making experience started with special welcome drinks - non-alcoholic options also available - to get the team relaxed and ready to have some fun.

The first challenge was to prepare dainty termari zushi, a small ball-shaped sushi with smoked salmon. Even the first timers made fabulous creations by following my instructions. Next we moved on to vegetarian gunkan-style sushi, which looks like little boats, packed with various fillings. The team then prepared salmon and avocado futo-maki - a real favourite - before finally trying their hand at hoso-maki, a special kind of rolled sushi.

It was a real fun evening, trying something new and learning new skills. I loved seeing the management team roll up their sleeves and getting stuck into sushi making with their staff. The stand-out creator was the daughter of one of the staff members who excelled at every type of sushi I presented - really impressive and a future sushi master chef!

The event also gave a great opportunity for some after-work socialising with the fun continuing into the evening as the team enjoyed tucking into their freshly created sushi.

"Loved it!"

In Japan we thank everyone for working hard after a day at the office with the phrase "otsukaresama-deshita" - and the team at zuora really deserved it! I can't wait to see them all again for the next sushi masterclass.

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