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Temari sushi

About us

Find out more about our founder, Tomono, her roots in Japan and her wishes for Tomono Sushi Party.

I was born and raised in a South West part of Japan called 高知 (Kochi), which lies between Shikoku Mountain and the Pacific Ocean. Because of its dynamic location, long sunny days and warm weather, it is well known for having amazing harvests of fresh rice, fruits, vegetables and, most famously, fish all year round. 


My mother used to wake up 5am to cook us a fresh breakfast, Obento, and if she had 30 minutes to spare in her lunch break, she would drive home to start preparing for dinner.  I never appreciated my mother’s passion to foods but now I am a mother of two, this is a tradition I would definitely like to pass on to the next generation.


Since I moved to UK 26 years ago I have greatly missed Japanese food, especially Sushi. Back then, Japanese ingredients had not widely crossed the oceans, so I started making it at home with local ingredients without using special equipment. 


Sushi is not typically made at home in Japan.  It is something we used to have as take away for celebrations or enjoy out at restaurants, but when you miss something and know that there is no access to what you miss, people will always invent something new!  After many failed attempts, I discovered that keeping it simple and but authentic is the best way.  


Kochi, Japan

Woman on a mission...

My aim is to bring out the best from both cultures -  Japanese food with British local, fresh ingredients - to create better dishes in a fun and easy way, making sushi cooking at home accessible to all.


I've now taught over 500 people across the UK, adding new customers by word of mouth alone, and am now ready to launch to the public as I write this in February 2022. I hope my friendly and fun approach will influence more and more people to take up sushi making as an activitiy.


I strongly believe Shokuiku (food and nutritional education) is a key factor in healthy and happy living, so providing my hands-on Sushi Master Classes is the best way to share my culture and Shokuiku.

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